Living with Lyme with Cindy Kennedy

Cindy Kennedy is a Nurse Practitioner working in women’s health.  Unbeknownst to her, she
contracted Lyme disease.  She never saw a tick, or a bullseye rash.  Her symptoms were subtle at
first, and then in 2011 her disease struck with vengeance.  Even as a knowledgeable health care
professional, the struggles to find a cause became overwhelming.  Searching for answers to her
failing health, she sought the care of multiple doctors, all of whom did not help.  Her illness was
a mystery.  Learning the truth about Lyme, that it is the big impersonator of many other illnesses,
was of no comfort. She also found that blood test for Lyme disease was not reliable.  In general,
she discovered that health care professionals are not adequately trained to recognize and treat
Lyme disease and its co-infections.  She came to feel the same sinking feeling that other Lyme
sufferers must bear; the endless walk down the frightening path of misdiagnosis, shattered hope,
and disappointment.

She became passionate about providing education about Lyme disease, co-infections, treatment
options, and living with Lyme disease, so she developed a podcast and blog series. Her website,
Living With Lyme is intended to educate, collaborate and advocate for those infected and
affected by Lyme disease. Her guests are very diverse with a range of topics. She blogs about
important issues that are not only for Lyme sufferers, but for general knowledge. This site is
available at:

I encourage you to become a subscriber to her website and help support her in order for her to provide education to those that need it most.