April Monthly Meeting-Guest speaker, George Popovici

For George Popovici, an award-winning safety engineer who had it all in the prime of his life, the people who appeared in his life as angels offered him hope in the midst of his despair as he searched for answers to a mysterious illness that had ripped away the perfect health he’d enjoyed all of his life.

After a desperate eight-year search to find out why he had fallen so ill, and after seeing 42 physicians, George finally discovered that he was suffering from late-stage Lyme Disease… often misdiagnosed as ALS, chronic fatigue syndrome or multiple sclerosis.

In the process, he learned of and sought out Maureen Hancock, who told him that there was a purpose behind the illness: he was to bring together stories of hope and healing to inspire people who are desperate and ready to give up hope. He realized that his suffering was part of God’s plan to encourage him to reach out to others who were in need of help.

Angels Walking With Us¬†tells the story of George’s quest for answers and treatment for a disease which affects hundreds of thousands the world over. His courage and persistence allowed him to meet and collect stories about divine interventions, miracles, and phenomenal healings from the many people who gave him hope over the course of his illness.

Author and inspirational speaker, George Popovici will discuss how our emotions affect us.