Our August meeting was packed for the documentary “A Ticking Time Bomb”

Our August meeting was well attended to show the newest documentary, “A Ticking Time Bomb”. After the movie, we opened the floor up for a group discussion on their thoughts about the film. Some thought it was more powerful than the original documentary about Lyme disease, “Under the Skin”. Some preferred to hear stories from the group about their journey back to health and some were shocked that the medical community still continues to ignore the signs and symptoms of this disease. This is why our foundation and the conference is SO important to us in raising more awareness to the general public. And for only $10.00 each, anyone can attend. That is cheaper than the price of a movie ticket and you will be educated and prepared to be the best advocate for your health when you go to your physician. Tickets can be purchased online at www.CentralMassLymeConference.com.

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