HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I still can’t believe that our foundation is beginning it’s 4th year of inception.

We had a great first meeting of 2017 on Saturday, January 14th at 90 Holden Street, Worcester. Our guest speaker, Ken Miller discussed with our group that afternoon how our immune systems work. I provided handouts with some immune boosting tips to share with our group too. We also shared with the group our new core values, vision and mission statement.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, February 11th and we will have guest speaker, Stacy Geer and Attorney Robert Noa. Like many in Lyme Community Stacy Hayes-Geer’s life came to a screeching halt as her symptoms progressed. She had been a busy executive & single mother, but over the last 3 years she’s been totally debilitated, spending 95% of her time in bed. The loss of her income was devastating to her family — they were barely keeping the lights on, let alone able to afford costly Lyme treatment. Her friend, Attorney Robert Noa, insisted she apply for disability — with his help, she got it. Stacy wasn’t the first person Rob had helped, just the first with Lyme. In fact Rob has owned a small practice for over 25 years where he’s helped thousands of sick, disabled, & injured people. Since working with his friend, Stacy, & learning more about the devastating effects of Lyme Disease, he has becoming increasingly focused on helping the Lyme Community. Stacy will speak a bit about the process from a claimant perspective, while Rob will speak from a practical & legal perspective — both will stay & answer questions following the meeting & are also happy to help in any way that they can for those who are unable to attend.

ADMISSION is ALWAYS FREE and everyone is welcome to all of our meetings.

Wishing you all a very “Happy and Healthy” New Year!

Be well, Michele

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